Becoming an Affiliate


The information on this site is unique and I feel that many people world wide could benefit from it.

To help achieve this, I have created an affiliate program:

  • If you refer somebody to the website and they become a life member, you will receive half of their joining fee of $50 joining fee - $25.
  • There is no limit to the number of people you can refer.

When you sign up as an affiliate you are taken to a page where you give more information, including your Paypal address so that you can receive payments.

NB - when you join you are given a special PERSONAL entry URL to the website -  to give to people who you want to send to the site (eg   where xxxx is your personal information, and enables us to follow people you have referred and pay you the 50% commission if they join.   So:

  • Sign up as an affiliate and get a Paypal account if you dont have one.
  • note your special url entry to the site which is on the sign up form (
  • use this when you refer people to the site, so we know you sent them.
  • There are also posters on the Affiliate site which you can use to send to people - your special URL is already in these posters.
  • If you would like to go through this more slowly - look at the PDF becoming an affiliate below.

As you are a life member, I would be very happy to receive feedback on how you feel about the site and any suggestions you might have. (

Gerald Lewis

View the PDF below for info on how the affiliate system works

pdficon   Becoming an Affiliate