Disclaimer / Info

The information on this site is for information and educational purposes and does not replace the need to get good medical advice from a health practitioner, but it will give information which you can use and take to discuss with your health advisers.

For most diseases there is a great deal we can offer beyond the classical drug and surgery approach that modern medicine provides. Many of these are therapies are tried and tested over the decades, but because they have not been submitted to a controlled clinical trial, most doctors do not offer them.

I believe it is important for patients to take control of their disease and be a part of the solutions. As you will see it is rarely too late to help either treat the disease or reduce the symptoms. This advice is generic and applies to the average person, and we advise the patient or their relatives to take this information and discuss it with their health professional.

One important feature I would like to stress – I believe in using the best of both conventional and complementary medicine; and while I would never contemplate using a poor quality drug, I also believe to get the best results from herbs, supplements and other complementary therapies, they should also be made to equal quality and standards.