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Cancer is a frightening disease, and no matter how skilled the physician, breaking the diagnosis to a patient, always creates an almost paralysing shock which leaves many questions and concerns unanswered.   In this brief review, I will attempt to address some of the more common concerns and suggest some of the many approaches a cancer patient can take on his or her journey.   Remember it is your body and you have the right to make decisions on how you wish to be treated.
I have written a number of books and booklets to help cancer patients, some of them free, and these are available on this site.

Description: Cancer remains one of the most feared of all diseases, the incidence is increasing, and until recently, apart from some specific cancers, we were not making huge inroads with conventional medical treatments. However the advance of 'targeted' therapies has shown a huge but expensive growth in successful management of many cancers.   Now, with a comprehensive and complete approach, including the best of medicine, optimal nutrition, exercise, mind body medicine and other approaches,the story is very different, people are living much longer with quality, and so called 'miracle' cures are by no means unusual.

These notes will be of necessity very brief, and we would encourage you to read our book "Cancer -  A threat to your life? or a chance to take control of your future?" . This can be purchased as an Ebook - click here.  We also have a recording of the first few chapters of the book which you can download and listen to click here.  We have also written a shorter and more specific booklet - "An all inclusive approach to treating cancer" which will cover many of the topics discussed below and others, in much greater detail. This can be downloaded free  click here .

Cancer is a group of diseases where the body cells begin to multiply out of control, causing damage where they originate, and can spread (metastasise) to other parts of the body. It can affect most cells of the body and different cancers have different causes and treatment. Prevention, diagnosis and specific treatments are covered best in our books (above) but there are many approaches which apply to most cancers.

Read more about what steps you or your doctor can take to lessen the effects of, or help cure this condition.

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