Fish oil supplements (omega 3 oils) and heart disease

Fish oil supplements ARE beneficial for people with heart disease.

I have included a page on this topic because of some recent negating press suggesting that they have no benefit.   However low doses of supplements of unknown quality were used in those trials. New data is now available, and confirms that quality supplements in high enough doses have a huge benefit, and people at risk of heart disease should be taking them.    To quote my recent blog:

Fish oil supplements are fantastic for heart disease!

Recent publications have suggested that fish oil supplements in low doses make little difference to heart disease, and people have been advised not to take them.

However, this has been turned upside down in a recent huge study called the REDUCE-IT trial used 4 g of fish oils daily, in a double-blind randomised trial involving 8179 patients followed over 4.9 years. The results were incredible. All cardiovascular events (death, non-fatal heart attack, non-fatal stroke, need for angioplasty or bypass surgery or unstable angina with all reduced over 25%.
This result is incredible and better than anything claimed by the statin drugs.
It obviously shows that omega-3 fish oils are extremely effective in people at risk of heart disease, but you need to take enough, and it does need to be a quality product.
A smaller study performed in Japan (JELIS trial) using a slightly lower dose of 1.8 g daily achieved in 19% benefit.

So fish oils are very beneficial to people at risk who want to avoid heart disease, or who already have it., But you need to take enough, and I would personally recommend 2 g twice a day of a quality product. There are no significant side-effects, and we have no medicines that can compete with these results.

Other therapies

There are a number of other therapies which you might like to look at.  They have not been specifically included with this disease because some are a form of treatment which is applicable to most diseases and many focus on the mind, body, spirit, and the universe. These include - acupuncture, Ayurvedic medicine, energy healing, homeopathy, naturopathy, prayer, visualisation and some people with this condition might like to look at these topics (I have described them more fully on another page on this website click here .) With my personal experience and reading, I do not think that I can comment of whether one or a number of these might help.    They fit well with most conventional and complementary treatments and I suspect some or even all of them can be extremely powerful - if performed by an experienced practitioner.    My only caveat is that if in the course of one of these therapies, you are given potions or herbs, do check with your health practitioner that they will not interfere with other treatments or drugs you are receiving.

Nutritional supplements

I believe in today's world that nutritional supplements are so necessary as to be an essential component of any form of both prevention and treatment. Not only is today's food lacking in nutrients because of the way it was grown and processed, but also most of us make the wrong choices in diet. It is virtually impossible to obtain optimal levels of most of the vitamins, minerals and other nutrients although many people try to do so, and even then fresh produce is not available all year round. *There are many quality supplements available on the market, including –Thorne, NFS, Douglas Labs, Xtend Life, True Star Health, USANA, and Metagenics. There are others, but do your due diligence before choosing one. USANA Health Sciences has added a new adjunct to its multivitamin and multi mineral called CellSentials. These are a patented blend of phyto-nutrients which they believe affects cell signaling and growth, and increases the production of preventative antioxidants within the cell. These should add to the value of the multi, so these are the multivitamin/mineral preparation I recommend.