Stroke, CVA , TIA

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Stroke, Cardiovascular Accident, Transient Ischaemic attack

  • Description: A stroke is caused by poor blood supply to the brain. There are 2 types of stroke - Thrombotic stroke caused a blood clot blocking an artery feeding blood to the brain, and haemorrhagic stroke caused by a bleed into the brain (click here).
  • Thrombotic stroke - is most commonly caused by a clot or part of an atherosclerotic plaque breaking off and blocking the artery. Most commonly this comes from the carotid artery.This is ofter preceded by a transient stroke TIA where the symptoms occur for only a few minutes to hours. The Symptoms vary depending on what area of the brain is affected - weakness, paralysis, clouded consciousness, numbness or a pins and needles sensation.
  • Embolic stroke is similar but the blockage is caused by a clot usually from the heart, the most common cause of this is atrial fibrillation or from a heart valve.
  • Haemorrhagic stroke is caused by a bleed into the brain tissue caused by a ruptured artery. These are usually more severe, unconsciousness is quite common and well as the weakness, paralysis and altered sensation.

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